Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! DCW victim to Kejriwal's woes

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We have discussed how Arvind Kejriwal's governance promotes Nepotism, we have seen him bawl and bang his fist on the streets of the Sansad Marg to get his way, we have also seen him oust his critics and take blind followers under his shelter.

Needless to say, Kejriwal's words are marks on stone. But this move of appointing a software engineer and the wife of Haryana AAP leader Naveen Jaihind may hurt Delhi's governance...big time.

Swati Maliwal

Forget the image that AAP is building up for itself, common man can site thousands of reasons not to choose Arvind Kejriwal as their next leader. In this particular instance, however, it is clear why Swati Maliwal was given priority over Barkha Singh.

Kejriwal forgives, but never forgets

Prashant Bhushan's domestic violence case is still ringing loud and clear in Kejriwal's ears and he has already paid for it with his image. DCW Barkha Singh played an important part in shattering Kejriwal's peace in this case.

She brought forth the plight of Somnath Bharti's wife who lodged a complaint with the DCW against her husband who allegedly meted out relentless torture on her. Following this, he was bombasted by the DCW with charges of domestic violence, mental torture, dowry and forgery against him.

Naturally, since then Singh has been on Kejriwal's radar for targetting his blue-eye boy.

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The Mis(s)-fit

Comparing the profiles of Swati Maliwal and Barkha Singh shows a clear picture of Kejriwal's measuring criteria for appointments of top officials. Maliwal is a supporter of AAP, who quit her job as a software engineer.

She is also said to have worked as a social activist, but not as much as Barkha Singh. The latter is a Congress MLA elected in 2003. She was a part of the Business advisory Committee, Rules Committee, Committee on Privileges, Committee on Women & Child Welfare, Committee on Government Undertakings. She is also a writer, a poet and a social activist.

Indeed, when merit and branding clash, its branding that Kejriwal prefers. And that to you is Delhi government.

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