Our 'AK Hypocrisy': If Arvind Kejriwal's change is welcome, why not Aamir Khan's?

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Arvind Kejriwal and Aamir Khan. Both are AKs. One is a politician while the other is an actor. But over the last few days, the fortunes of these two men have been different although there is a similarity of sort between the inconsistency shown by them.

If Kejriwal version 2 is acceptable, why not Aamir Khan?

Take the case of Kejriwal first. The man who gave up after 49 days in February 2014 after playing both the chief minister and the opposition leader in Delhi came back to the same post after receiving an overwhelming mandate in the latest election held there.


It means the unpredictable electors of Delhi forgave whatever he had done with their mandate the previous time. His open apology and the BJP's blunders might have helped the voters to arrive at a decision but the bottomline is that Kejriwal's fickle-mindedness has been forgiven and forgotten.

The Aam Aadmi is ready to look forward. As they say, it's a cool gesture for Kejriwal is a changed person now.

If Aamir Khan has spoken out his mind, he can not be called a hypocrite

But the same cool approach is mysteriously missing in case of Aamir Khan, the actor who also loves to express his mind on relevant issues. The 49-year-old faced charges of hypocrisy for criticising the AIB Knockout, terming it as a "violent event". He said he was not feeling amused by the dialogues of the event and warned about using the freedom of speech in a right way.

All hell broke loose as soon as Khan uttered these words. The 'elite and cool' Indian class called it his hypocrisy for it was the same Aamir Khan who had acted in a number of mediocre films in the 90s and produced films like Delhi Belly which is notorious for its slangs. So while he himself had involved with the same stuff in the past, how could he call the AIB disappointing?

Every human being evolves and learns from past mistakes

Now, by this logic, everyone of us should have been a dumb sheep. For evolution is the core essence of human life and every human soul on this planet is evolving everyday. If we are always judged by our past acts, then this world is certainly going to stagnate in no time.

If Aamir Khan had done mediocre films in the past and now he is doing something different now and is extremely aware about his image, then what's wrong in that? Even Kejriwal did the same before the February 7 election? If people are ready to give him another chance, then why a villain is made out of Aamir Khan?

Learning from past acts is not hypocrisy, by that logic we all are hypocrites

Let's not make things complicated and give gyan about how the freedom of expression should be used. Theoretical debates are of no use in real life. The point is: If an individual decides to learn from his past acts and pointing it out when somebody else is doing it, then how is that bad?

Even megastar Amitabh Bachchan will regret some films he had acted in once and Sachin Tendulkar will curse himself now after seeing a particular stroke he had played at a crucial moment that had cost India an important match. Do those instances make them ordinary? Certainly not.

Aamir Khan has also criticised himself in his own show SMJ, how many of his colleagues do so?

Moreover, is Aamir Khan has spoken against the AIB, he is also an actor who has done television shows like Satyameva Jayate and even criticised himself for once for doing certain roles. Did Aamir Khan require to stir up our conscience by doing such shows? How many of those who were engaging in some crass entertainment in the AIB show do the same?

It is disturbing to see these stars, who use a very powerful medium like television and films, involve themselves in shows that are bound to leave some terrible effect on the society, particularly on young people.

In AIB, the icons act irresponsibly in the name of entertainment

Just adding 'This is adult content' doesn't make these celebrities, who are often looked upon as icons by the younger generation, free from their responsibility towards the society. And if an Aamir Khan points that out, should he be targetted?

Kejriwal also has been a disappointment but yet he has been given a chance to come back. Why then we use different yardstick for Aamir Khan if he has tried to reform himself as a public personality?

Before calling one hypocrite, why don't we check our mirrors once?

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