Achievements of Ministry of Agriculture in Last Two Years

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Narendra Modi government completed two years in power on the 26th of May. The government is enthusiastically communicating with the public about the government's various ministries. Also the ministers are interacting with the citizens through various mediums like Facebook Chats and airing interviews where they talk about how they have tried to improve the lives of the people of India in last two years.

The Minister of Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh yesterday held a Facebook Chat with the citizens of India and he answered numerous queries of theirs.


Today the Ministry of Agriculture is using caricatures to promote all the good work done by it in last couple of years. Let us have a look at what the ministry has done to improve the lives of farmers who feel India's 125 crore people.

One achievement of the ministry that was promoted was that, "Government curbed black marketing of urea. For the first time after independence, urea production in surplus".

The second achievement of the agriculture ministry that was listed was that Modi government launched Kisan Tv, India's first television channel dedicated to farmers.

The third achievement of the Modi Government's Agriculture Ministry is that, "Modi government launched free soil health card for farmers". Till now 1.84 crore soil health cards have been distributed. The target is to cover all 14 crore agriculture land owning farmers by March 2017.

For prosperous farmers and developed India, the government has worked hard to increase crop production per drop of water. Also under the Prime Minister's Irrigation Scheme now 28.5 hectare land is irrigated. Under AIBP 89 different irrigations schemes have been undertaken.

NABARD will be assigned a sum of Rs. 20,000 crore so that the sum can be used for a long time for keeping land irrigated. To produce organic manure under MGNREGA people will be asked to dig 10 lakh holes. Also under MGNREGA 5 lakh farm ponds and wells will be dug. Also now for farmers 100% neem quoted urea is available.

Thanks to the efforts of the government during the year 2014-15 food grain production was 252.02 million tons. For the year 2015-16 the estimated food grain production was 252.23 million tons. During two years there has been increase in food grain production and base support price fluctuation has been very less.

Also four mobile apps have been created for farmers.

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