5 reasons why Nepal failed to deal with the devastating earthquake

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Over 4,300 people have been killed in the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 26. Was the country prepared for the disaster even after 81 years of the infamous Kathmandu quake on 1934? [After China-Pakistan bonhomie, India rushes to Nepal even faster]

Here are five reasons why the small Himalayan kingdom struggled to meet the challenge and had to depend on external aid from neighbours like India and China: [From 1989 blockade to 2015 superfast aid, India's Nepal policy has come of age]


Political instability

Nepal's unsuccessful mission for democracy has left the country defenceless against natural disasters. The country's politicians are so engrossed battling each other that issues like disaster preparedness, which is a prior job of any state, has been thoroughly overlooked. [Global efforts to help Nepal intensify]

The remote parts of Nepal haven't seen elections for a long time now and the local councils are not much organised and equipped to carry out emergency assistance missions. It was the community groups which were coordinating the relief work after the latest earthquake in Nepal, which shows how pathetic the extremely short-lived governments of the country have performed.

Fragile economy, poor political culture

Close from the first point, the poor economic condition of Nepal, a non-existent culture of political accountability and an over-politicised bureaucracy have hurt Nepal badly.

The political instability has affected the country's economy and that, along with a inconsistent leadership, have ensured a vulnerable infrastructure to cope with a major disaster.

To speak about a non-existent political culture, Nepal doesn't have accountable public representatives to stand by the ill-fated people and their families at the time of crisis. Even the country doesn't have authorities assigned to receive relief material coming from outside. The country has just one international airport while the Nepalese Army has only one big helicopter.


Nepal is one of those poor countries of the world which has fallen back by a long distance when it comes with successfully tackling natural disasters. Governments with low resources find it difficult to spend extra funds to deal with even likely disasters.

People too are left extremely vulnerable in the face of such disasters because of poverty. Nepal ranks poorly in the list of nations working to reduce the disaster risk.

Nepal means Kathmandu?

The ideological dispute between the political parties of Nepal over redrawing a fresh federal map in the country which will make it more convenient for communities and the authorities to function is so big that the country's physical existence has been reduced to its capital city Kathmandu.

It has resulted in over-population in the capital and when a disaster of the magnitude of the April 26 quake strikes, an ill-equipped Nepal surrenders meekly.

Logistical difficulties

Nepal's geography is another reason for its poor capacity to deal with a n earthquake of this magnitude. The mountainous terrain of the country which is extremely poor to upgrade its infrastructure makes accessibility to the remote parts very very difficult.

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