4 terror attacks in Kashmir: 'Massive voter turnout in J&K assembly polls triggered attacks'

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It has been a blood bath in Kashmir and as we salute those brave hearts who fought against mindless militants, we also try and analyse the reasons for such a brazen attack.

The militant attack was continuously monitored and staged from Rawalpindi and not Islamabad as many may believe. [Terror in Kashmir: 20 killed in 4 attacks]

"Are you wearing bangles?": Message from Rawalpindi to militants before Kashmir attacks

All attack pertaining to Kashmir have their control centre in Rawalpindi. A month back those in Rawalpindi had a clear message to the militants holed up in the Valley.

"Kya tum chudiya pehenke baithe ho,"(are you wearing bangles?). The message was clear and that was to strike hard at the Valley not in a bid to establish control over the politics, but to create a fear in the minds of the people. [Hope Centre will plug gaps in counter-insurgency grid: Omar Abdullah]

Massive voter turnout triggered attacks

Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), C D Sahay who has spent a lot of time in the valley tells Oneindia that the simplest explanation could be that the bosses in Rawalpindi were extremely upset with the voter turn out especially in the rural areas.

Moreover what has been found in Kashmir in the ongoing election process is that the youth have shown an intense desire for change and development.

"Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become an icon for that kind of 'change and hope' and he has shown no interest what so ever in sectarian politics. All this has has impacted Pakistan a great deal and they decided to go ahead and push the button", Sahay also points out. [Militant attack on army desperate attempt to disrupt peace: Omar]

Kashmiri people voted in vengeance

There has been a massive turn out in the elections. In fact the people have gone out with a vengeance and voted and clearly indicating that democracy shall not be replaced by mindless Pakistanis.

The people had sent out a clear message that they were fed up of militancy and killings. The people had indicated that they want their daily requirements to be met.

Several crores of rupees are being spent on Kashmir but none of that are reaching the people. Hence the people came out and voted in large numbers and this has angered Rawalpindi no end.


People will become more determined

Sahay says that the people will in fact become more determined if Pakistan continues on this tirade. It would, no doubt, be a double edged sword and Pakistan could get more aggressive, but that would never serve them in the long term.

"As I pointed out the determination of the people to combat militancy is what will defeat Pakistan", he said.

People wanted change since 1995

Even during the height of the militancy in 1995, the Cabinet Secretary who visited Baramulla had found that the people were getting fed up of militancy. He met with a lot of people who had only two demands. The first being to release their family members who they said were detained despite being innocent. The second was they wanted employment.

The government was ready to offer them jobs in the railways, para military forces etc. However these jobs were transferable and the Kashmiris did not want to leave their place. They insisted that jobs be created in the Valley.

Today they see that there is a possibility of change and hence are defying the seperatists and the militants and saying no to the politics of violence. They have realized that the right to life precedes everything else.

Modi campaign angers Pakistan

Another aspect that has angered Pakistan is that Modi and all the rest of the BJP leaders have been campaigning freely in the Kashmir Valley. There has been a massive turn out in all their rallies and this has made the militants feel marginalized.

With such attacks, they are trying to make their presence felt and sending a message that they may be down but not out.

Moreover the militants have also realized that the seperatists have lost the plot and are unable to control anything in the Valley.

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