Sympathy for Sanjay Dutt? Why, stars can't do wrong?

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The evening chat shows were overflowing with emotions yesterday, some for our cornered fellow-Tamils in Sri Lanka but most for a Bollywood actor called Sanjay Dutt after he was sentenced to five years of jail by the Supreme Court of India in connection to the 1993 Mumbai blasts case.

The sympathy for Dutt from the film fraternity was too much to digest and it re-established the fact that the reel world is indeed a superficial one. Real and logical thinking don't have a place in the minds of those who live king-size lives on the screen. Or are they too timid to utter a truth fearing that it could lead to their alienation? A sad part of the 1993 blasts is that nobody even cares to remember the victims. One Sanjay Dutt has eclipsed everybody else. What sorrow.

Sanjay Dutt

The film personalities in this country portray themselves to be the first-class citizens who live the life flawlessly. At least that is what they project all the time through all media. But why do these people lack simple understanding of facts that happen in the real world? Don't they have a thinking cap to put on?

The way these people were found to be publicise their personal bonding and affection with Dutt on TV shows, one would feel deeply ashamed. What has Sanjay Dutt's nice and helpful nature or so-called innocence have to do with some grave crime that he has committed? Why is Dutt's plight being projected as if he was some great freedom fighter who kept arms to fight the mighty colonial masters? Is this glamourisation of the criminality is a great thing to do for the elite media and glamour world?

When a person called Afzal Guru is hanged amid controversy and questions are being raised about human rights violation, then we see a few people from the tinsel town utter a word.

A veteran actor, Dileep Tahil, was heard saying in a channel that Dutt's case should have been considered on a humanitarian ground. Humanitarian ground for a person who had a happy living for the most part of the last 20 years despite possessing arms illegally?

When a ‘terror convict' is being toyed with and is executed as per the convenience of the political strategists and his family is left amid endless agony, these enlightened minds don't say a word about how justice was delivered. But when law completes its course, albeit after a long gap, and sternly deals with the offenders, they feel it has let us down. Why should Sanjay Dutt be let off? He is not the only youth in this country who was misled and got fooled in a young age. There are millions of them who fall prey to compulsions of the real life and are allured to darker destinations. They don't have influential fathers to help them and send them abroad for rehabilitation.

Dutt was one such fortunate youth but yet his industry colleagues are heartbroken.

This blind admiration of the elite, for the elite and by the elite is an integral part of the Indian way of living today. Even our perception of the justice system has been flawed by this hollow obsession with elitism. We don't know about those others who have also been tried along with Dutt. Was there another innocent youth who found himself in trouble unknowingly?

We will never know. For, we will only take interest in the matter as long as the stardom of Dutt speaks.

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