Popularity took Obama to throne, will it work for Modi?

By: Girija Narayan
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Bangalore, July 29: It has kind of become a permanent talking point not only amongst the media but even among common people ranging from college students to tea stall hang-outs. Everyone seems to be caught up with the NaMo mantra.

There is a popular chorus running around and taking wind saying "MODI AANEY DO" (Let Modi Come). People seem to be sending a strong message saying let NaMo come to power and you will see the difference. The man is the most followed politcian in social media and among the youths who believe that he indeed can deliver.


It's hard not to compare this campaign of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to the one US President Barack Obama had during the 2008 US presidential election. Obama was the most popular politician during the election campaign receiving tremendous media coverage and mass following quite similar to what we are witnessing here with Modi.

Obama's slogan of "Yes we can" caught up with most Americans and his projected themes of "hope" and "change" was widely welcomed by the Americans. Chants of "OBAMA" were the most common words among young and adults alike and the man went on to make American history as the first black president of the USA.

Here in India, Modi's popularity has been all the more heightened by the popular dissatisfaction with the UPA government, which has been ruling for almost a decade now. A number of scams, added with economic slowdown and indecisiveness at the top, has made it worse for the UPA and tilted the support more in favour of Modi, who has won three assembly elections in his state on the trot.

The popular expectation is that the successful chief minister will script a turnaround for the entire nation once he finds himself comfortable placed in the throne in New Delhi.

Whether the BJP leader emerges to be the country's next prime minister is for time to tell, but as far as the pre-poll popularity chart is concerned, the man has rushed ahead.

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