CNN-IBN poll tracker: NDA may get 234-246 seats, UPA 111-123

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Bangalore, April 4: The CNN-IBN's election tracker for the upcoming Lok Sabha election done jointly with the Lokniti, CSDS and The Week between March 18 and 25 revealed the following figures in various states:

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Choice for PM: 34% prefers Narendra Modi, 15% backs Rahul Gandhi, 3% wants Sonia Gandhi, 2% backs Arvind Kejriwal

Choice among youth (18-22 years): 39% backs Modi, 16% backs Rahul Gandhi

In South India: 24% backs Narendra Modi as PM, 17% backs Rahul Gandhi

Among women: 29% backs Modi, 14% backs Rahul Gandhi

Acceptability: 35% of respondents feels that Modi is more acceptable than Vajpayee, 30% feels not:

2002 riots: 40% of respondents feels Modi should apologise for the 2002 riots in Gujarat, 25% feels he need not do so.

Dealing with Pakistan: 26% of respondents feels Modi will succeed in improving ties with Pakistan, 30% feels not.

Attitude: 25% of respondents feels Modi is arrogant and he speaks only about himself, 33% feels not.

Sardar Patel question: 24% of respondents feels Modi tried to exploit the Sardar Patel factor while 32% felt otherwise.

Rahul Gandhi competent to become PM: 43% of respondents feels yes, 31% feels no

About UPA government

Corruption: 73% of respondents feels UPA government is corrupt (very or somewhat) while 8% feels it is not.

Net satisfaction level: Three per cent of the respondents feels satisfied with the UPA while -4% in the big cities is satisfied with the UPA.

Another chance: 55% of respondents in North India feels UPA shouldn't get another chance while 57% of respondents in West India feels so.

Big result (predicted vote-shares and seats)

NDA may get 38% vote-share, as against 23.4% in 2009 (234-246 seats)

UPA may get 28% vote-share, as against 32.6% in 2009 (111-123 seats)

Left may get 4% vote-share, as against 7.6% in 2009

BSP may get 4% vote-share, as against 6.2% in 2009

SP may get 4% vote-share, as against 3.4% in 2009

AAP may get 3% vote-share

The BJP may get 206-218 seats

The Congress may get 94-106 seats

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