A day of U-turns: What led to Karnataka govt, accepting former DSP Anupama's resignation

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Bengaluru, June 10: Yesterday was a day of u-turns. Former DSP, Anupama Shenoy who has turned into a Facebook warrior returned to her home only to tell the waiting media that she is not even aware of what Facebook is. Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah who had tried convincing her to reconsider her resignation finally ended up accepting it.

All this in a day and the drama that ensued was so in your face, that even former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa said, " when a chief minister has asked her to resume work, she should do so and not be stubborn.


An in your face drama:

Anupama Shenoy who has had several run ins with Labour Minister, Parameshwar Naik put in her resignation last week. Since then she had been untraceable. She had left Ballari and was residing her at relatives place in Bhatkal.

During that period she had posted several messages on Facebook threatening to release CDs relating to Naik. The CDs are still not out as yet.

The government first took a reconciliatory note and decided to persuade her. Upon her return to Ballari she had told the media that she would meet with the Superintendent of Police R Chethan. Later on she said that she would not meet with anyone and insisted that she was firm on resigning.

The entire situation was being monitored from Bengaluru at the highest level. The SP, DGP, Dy. SP, ADGP among others tried to get in touch with her. She refused to take any calls. This led to the SP writing to the government that she was talking with the press but not the officers.

The DGP who cannot accept her resignation since she is a gazetted officer wrote to the government recommending that her resignation be accepted.

This led to a meeting of the CM and the Home Minister and it was decided that the resignation would be accepted.

It was discussed during that meeting that withholding her resignation would cause more damage. Moreover, the government had also the backing of Yeddyurappa's statement in which he had stated that she should not be stubborn.

The Facebook mystery:

There have been a flurry of messages on her Facebook profile. Although she has claimed that it had been hacked, many officers insist that the profile is being updated by her.

Currently Anupama whose only intention was to expose Naik finds herself standing alone. The updates on her Facebook indicate that.

Nobody is trying to understand me. The channels only want the news, officers want power and people want to achieve her challenges, but I have to save my life.

Anupama in an earlier post had even set a deadline of June 7 for Naik to resign. She had said that she would release a CD if he did not. It has been three days since that post. Naik has not resigned and neither has the CD been released.

The question is that will her allegations remain allegations or will the government at least probe it?

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