Fact Check: This is not Queen Elizabeth throwing food at children in Africa

New Delhi, Sep 10: Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday following a seven decade old reign. Following this many are sharing videos and images of the late Queen.

One such video shows two women thrown food at a group of children who can be seen getting into a tussle to grab it. The claim is that one of these women is Queen Elizabeth II and the video was allegedly shot in one of the British colonies in Africa.

The post reads, this is the Queen herself throwing food to African kids like chicken and they you all have the audacity to post and type rest in...

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OneIndia has learnt that this claim is false. A reverse image search shows that the video over two decades older than the English monarch. We found a screenshot on a French website. This website archives fils made by the Lumière company in Lyon, France.

The website says that the screenshot was from a film by Gabriel Veyre shot sometime in 1899 at the French colony of Annam, French Indochina which is now Vietnam. The film was screened on January 20 2901 in Lyon, France under the title "Indo-Chine: Annamese children picking up cash in front of the ladies' pagoda."

The site further says that the women in the video were Madame Paul Doumer - the wife of Joseph Athanase Paul Doumer, the Governor-General of French Indochina from 1897 to 1902 and her daughter.

French film maker Veyre travelled across French colonies in Vietnam and shot 39 motion pictures for the French government to exhibit at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle. This was exactly 26 years before the Queen was born.

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We also found a YouTube video with the title , "Lumière: Annamese children picking up coins in front of the Ladies' Pagoda (1900)."

A close look at the video makes it clear that it has nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth. Even the woman in the video does not remotely look anything like Queen Elizabeth. Hence the claim doing the rounds is fake.

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Video shows Queen Elizabeth II throwing food at children in one of the British colonies in Africa


This is a video shot by a French filmmaker at a French colony in 1900 in Vietnam. The Queen was born in 1926


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