Narendra Modi says face of politics is changing

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Live updates: Modi's rally in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, Feb 20: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addresses a rally here today where he spoke to the youth.

6.40 pm: Modi says face of politics is changing

"In the past ten years, the country has witnessed so much that it has not witnessed before. The country is fed up with promises. It wants clear intention. Congress only promises to do things it never realises those promises. For them youth is a voter for us youth is a power," he said.

"We are a country with the largest youth population. Youth can change the face of the nation. If the power of the youth is not acknowledged it can pose a threat for the country. We don't want just youth development, we want youth led development," he said.

Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said that the Congress is trying to fool the youth. "When I speak the truth they get angry because no one questioned them for 60 years. They are startled that a chai walla is threatening their dynasty. Let them do what they want, their days are numbered," he said.

Appealing to the youth he said that 'we need to change the vision, we need to change our mindset. "The country won't forgive Congress this time. Skill development needs to take off, opportunities need to be created for the youth. Winds of change are blowing and this will turn into tsunami," he said.

6.33 pm: Modi addresses youth rally

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi praised the youth and said: "It appears as if there is a saffron wave here." Maybe this is the first time in India where before elections the public had made its decision, Modi said.

"Looks like the people of India are contesting the elections this time. This election has brought hopes, new dreams to the people," he said.

5.45 pm: Modi reaches the venue

Narendra Modi has reached the venue. He will be addressing the crowd shortly.

Over 100,000 youngsters are expected to attend the rally. The rally is being organised by the youth wing of the BJP.

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