After hashtags, embedded posts: FB apes Twitter again?

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Facebook apes Twitter again
Bangalore, Aug 2: After hashtags, is it time to ape embedded posts? Social networking site Facebook has rolled out its 'embedded post' feature but it is the latest in the list of Twitter features that the former has borrowed from. The 'embedded post' feature helps users to post a Twitter or FB posts on other web pages.

Here is a list of features which microblogging site Twitter had brought into use much ahead of the social networking site:

The Facebook rolled out this feature before the embedded posts. But the Twitter had started this feature in 2009, four years before Facebook caught up. However, social media analytics specialists feel that the hashtag feature hasn't worked for Facebook much.

Follow: Earlier, a Facebook user had to be friends with another person to get the latter's updates on the site. It was later changed with the 'subscribe' button in September 2011 and still a year later, it was renamed to 'Follow', which means one can get updates of a person who is not on his/her friend's list. This feature is similar to Tweeter's 'Follow' features.

Mentions: It was over a year after Twitter added the 'mention' feature (@someone) that the Facebook took it up.

Verified account:
The blue-and-white icon with a check mark on Twitter shows the account is authentic and this feature was started in 2009. Facebook started this feature last month.

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