The psycho thief is actually a sexual predator

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Bangalore, Aug 1:Remember the psycho thief on the run? It is revealed that he is a sexual predator and had raped a number of his victims. This revelation, however came by chance, when a senior police officer posted his disgust for him on his Facebook account. It read:

"BEWARE of dangerous criminal...this man kidnaps 13-16 year-old minor girls and keeps them for a week with him and cruelly rapes..and leaves his victims in Bangaore city and the surrounding areas. So far 21 cases are pending and we are trying to catch him. Be alert since this might happen to you and your friends. If you have any information about this man, inform the police."

The post was dutifully accompanied by the picture of the 30-year old criminal. The post was, however, deleted immediately when media started questioning the police. On digging deep, the pandora's box threw up unpleasant surprises. The man, allegedly, kidnapped these young girls (as young as 9 years old) and looted their jewellery. Some of them were also drugged. But that is not all. Narrations by some of the victims state that he also raped them. And backing them are medical reports, which highlight forced penetration in many cases.

Then why was the reality hidden? Police say that many of the parents did not want people to know about it because of ignominy and shame. They had requested the police to hush up the entire thing of rape. Moreover, some of the girls are not even in a state to relay what happened. "They are still in a state of shock," said police.

The desperation in the police circle was visible when a senior officer said," We have formed a special squad to nab Ravi. We cannot allow any of these crimes anymore." Another officer hurled abuse at him "That B****** has to be nabbed before he ruins any more lives. We have first hand account of his modus operandi from the victims. He should be severely punished."

Quite obviously, the desperation is mounted by guilt since the psycho serial rapist was already caught on lesser charges of theft, but was released on bailon July 5. Resuming his routine explorations, he has kidnapped 9 more girls after his release.

Police request the citizens to be alert and careful about their children and has put this case on fast track. He is said to have kidnapped girls from Bangalore city, Bangalore rural, Chikkaballabpur, and Kolar districts.

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