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New Delhi, June 17: The BJP is not showing its hurt as in politics nobody is a permanent friend of an enemy, but the twitter world has no such compulsions. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's act of breaking ties with BJP and NDA over Narendra Modi factor has not gone well with the twitterati.

Since morning #HypocriteNiKu is trending at the top three spots and by evening #NiKuMovies will also hit the trending bar. Nitish Kumar himself is trending in top ten.

While some tweets offer real concern and political comments, others make fun of Nitish Kumar as they try to expose his opportunism. Here are some tweets:

Suresh En ‏@surnell: #HypocriteNiKu can rest assured - Bihar will ensure that he will get a Lalu Treatment :-) Into the oblivion and just a comic figure.

PC ‏@pearpriti: NaMo wants to save India #HypocriteNiku wants to save his Chair. Pray he loses the Vote of Confidence & the Voters of Bihar kick his butt!

sanju ‏@sanju859: #HypocriteNiKu has dumped George Fernades and he is accusing bjp of dumping elders.

सुरेश नाखुआ ‏@sureshnakhua: We believe in "development for all and appeasement for none" and #HypocriteNiku believes in tokenisms of Topi and Tilak.

Samsara ‏@Samsara4747: #HypocriteNiKu is more worried abt Advani than George Fernandes?

amit rai ‏@amitr22: #hypocriteNiku #namo was secular when nitish was rail min and #namo became communal when #nitish kumar became CM of bihar.

Vijay Dwivedi ‏@agenthunt: #HypocriteNiKu is a sort of trend which Nitish Kumar would have never anticipated as long as he was in power. now it will be routine ;)

Vikram ⓐ ‏@Individualist_: To call Nitish #HypocriteNiKu is to belittle his sin. The right term to use is #BackstabberNiKu.

An outlaw ‏@Great_Gujarati: LOL, certificate of secularism, valid till 2014 :P >>


The Wander Girls ‏@twgtravel: Indian politics reminds me of a Collosuem; Sushil Modi and #hypocriteNiKu are gladiators, NaMo the king, UPA the bloodthirsty crowd.#twg

ANSHUMAN SHARMA ‏@trlanshu: #HypocriteNiKu says #Modi is a dictator, so be it. We can't afford to live in a gutter anymore, under the umbrella of Secularism!!

Inu Kaushik ‏@Ina_kshk: #HypocriteNiKu When Nitish Kumar was made CM,JDU had only 35 MLAs,while BJP had 65. Yet,BJP leadership chose Nitish. Ungrateful. Opportunist

Utpal Pathak ‏@PunyaPrakop: #HypocriteNiKu &such ppl must b finsihed politically 4m our Nation/any nation becz dey play dangerous game called "Appeasement" of a section.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>hope my muslim friends read all these tweets and understand how they are used as vote banks in the name of secularism <a href="">#HypocriteNiKu</a></p>— Vikash Seharia (@vikashseharia) <a href="">June 17, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Saikumar ‏@saikumar_k: Secularism of Nitish Kumar can be called as "skull cap secularism". #HypocriteNiKu.

Jigar Patel ‏@J1G4R: NaMo say, "India First". and Niku say, "VoteBank & Minority First". #HypocriteNiKu.

Brickmetal ‏@brickmetal: #HypocriteNiKu blaming BJP's lack of regards for senior leader,is like office boy resigning just because Manager don't respect the director.

abhishek yadav ‏@abhisek_yadav: #HypocriteNiKu tell bihar has developed.Ask any bihar ppl what is developd,they wil tell road which is developd by bjp's Nand KishorYadav.

Ratna Roy ‏@tinsense: #HypocriteNiku praised NaMo earlier due to "protocol".Whch protocol he is observing while talking against him now?How do ppl trust this guy?

awanish rajan ‏@awanishr: #HypocriteNiKu When regional pride becomes > national pride, Its a recipe for disaster for the future of country #Indiafirst.

Internet Hindu ‏@Tasmayi: #GujaratRiots2002 Blame Modi
#AdvaniDiarrhea Modi responsible
#HypocriteNiKu breaks off NDA reason Modi
#HeavyRains probably cause f Modi

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