Pappu can or can't, but Rahul Gandhi can engage Indians

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New Delhi, April 4: Rahul Gandhi, the Vice-President of Congress, addressed giants of Indian Inc at the annual general meeting of industry body Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Thursday, April 4.

The CII meet was attended by top business leaders and industrialists such as Bharti Airtel chief Sunil Bharti Mittal, Godrej Group Chairman Adi Godrej and Wipro Chairman Azim Premji.

Though Rahul Gandhi came out as an honest person, the politician in him made little effort to hide behind the anecdotal speech and few minutes of question-answer session. While many hail Rahul for his deliberate speech, others bashed him for his "immature style" of delivering speech at an important platform such as CII meet.

Whether he is good or bad, one thing is clear that the young Gandhi scion has the capability to engage Indians. Popular micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with trending hash tags which were related to Rahul Gandhi and his speech at CII. The trending tags were - Rahul Gandhi to India Inc, Pappu, PappuCII, Rahul Gandhi, Girish and many more.

 Rahul Gandhi

Pappu is believed to be a young Indian boy who is worthy of nothing. The 42-year-old Congress leader became a victim of joke while many mocked him calling him "Pappu".

Here are some tweets which reveal how the Congress leader became centre of attraction on Thursday:

Soumen Sengupta ‏@soumensengupta2: #PappuCII #CII If RG and Mother knows MMS will not solve any problem of India than why to keep MMS as PM? Can't we ask for a better person?

rakesh khanna ‏@bobkhanna: Not a word from #PappuCII on how his government wrecked the institution of prime minister

Vaibhav ‏@vjtellsyou: #PappuCII Strategy: Answer questions o badly that no one dares to ask you again

Lucent ‏@IndiaChurps: Jyotiraditya Schindia is much much better than #PappuCII . Heard him once at Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in NDA times.

मेरा नेता चोर है. ‏@JaiAryawart: Buddhu didn't specifically respond to the ques at all. He just extended his speech taught by Jyotiraditya. Nothing else he knew. #PappuCII

Nidheesh ‏@nidheeshn: I'm startin 2 wait in anticipation 4 Pappu's next speech the same way I wait 4 PC George's press conference. Awesome entertainment #PappuCII

KSM ‏@ksmsundaram1975: @katjupci We request u to plead mercy fr the whole nation fm hvng to listen to Pappu's idiotic speeches #PappuCII

Choti_puri ‏@GolPuri: #PappuCII : "well why dont you tell me ? ... i said show me your hand" .. *holds hand* #CII Rahul Gandhi to India Inc

Raman ‏@being_delhite: Sanjay Jha could've done a Quiz Show instead of RahulG's speech. Either ways India Inc. would have felt stoned! #PappuCII

rakesh khanna ‏@bobkhanna: #PappuCII had nothing to say about the huge corruption his government and party unleashed on India

Pakhi Shukla ‏@pakhishukla21: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc said Gov & Corporate shd work collectively. Means 50% profit of corporate shd b donated 2 Congress fund. #PappuCII

Vineeth Jose ‏@VineethJose: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc speech shows some leadership qualities.

Deepak Srinivasan ‏@deepak_srini: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc: Joblessness is not a problem, lack of training is - #Epic

KIRAN GAIKWAD ‏@KRGAIKWAD: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc: If you want to have great dreams, you must sleep a lot.

QueenBee ♕ ‏@vaidehisachin: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc at CII meet: Don't give power to one person, give it to a billion..who is that one Vs Billion? #Modi?

ProudHindu ‏@vedantadharma: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc: Dont come to me with problems, Just elect me and solve your own problems!

Tadka Singh ‏@TadkaSingh: Pappu cant speak saala. #CII Rahul Gandhi to India Inc.

Nupur ‏@nupur89jain: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc: If u expect someone like Manhoman Singhji 2 solve all problems, then India will never be #SoneKiChidiya @skcindia

Reviewer ‏@india_review: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc: Stop whining about difficult business climate and bad governance, this is your training before you go global

Amarjeet Rathore ‏@vistadreamz: After what said Rahul Gandhi to India Inc, complete BJP camp is seen in toilet with Savlon in hand. #RGCII #CII

Pankaj Gupta IITD ‏@Pankaj_IITD: Rahul Gandhi to India Inc that He knows thousands of Problems India facing, but no clue or agenda to resolve. Is he in Opposition?

himanshu ‏@himanshujmohan: #PappuCII NAMO lost in Wharton without speaking a word. Pappu lost 1hr speech in CII

Girish Podar ‏@GirishPodar: @sardesairajdeep But Pappu said MMS will not deliver. Keep expecting.... he wisely said! Failed @PappuCII

Milind jog ‏@milindjog: #PappuCII if Pappu's party has not delivered in the last 60 years then why should we trust him. Concrete proposals? any?

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