Anna Hazare campaign fizzling out?

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Anna Hazare
Hyderabad, Feb 18: Anna Hazare, the anti- corruption crusader, who recently announced that he would re-begin his campaign, 'Janatantra' for the Jan Lokpal Bill received a luke warm response in Hyderabad. Even so, on Monday, Hazare said that for the next one and a half years, he would tour the country for this purpose.

Although, he seemed confident of garnering support to fight for the cause, media reports say that there were hardly any people during the public meeting. Most of them included members from India Against Corruption (IAC).

The campaign which started off with thousands of supporters in 2011 seems to have fizzled out in the span of 2 years. The infighting within the team is a likely reason for the movement to have lost its sheen.

"In this country of 120 crore people, I am confident that I will be successful in awakening at least 6 crore public. For the next one-and-half years, I will visit all states to create awareness. I don't know if I will be able to awaken all 120 crore people but if I go around, I can mobilize six crore people who can force the government to change the system," he said.

The infighting within the group has also led to the dampening of the movement.

The movement was launched in Patna on January 30th.During the campaign, Hazare rejected the amended Lokpal bill,calling it a 'farce'.

While Hazare alleged that the government was not sincere in bringing the Jan Lokpal bill he said the current plan was to 'build up the campaign to reform the system from the grassroots level by extensively touring the country'.

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