Congress looking for proxy rule in Karnataka

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Bangalore, Dec 16: It took almost a week for the Congress party in Karnataka to arrive at a consensus and approach the governor for the dismissal of BJP government in the state. This lack of unity and consensus is at the foundation level of the local Congress unit and it is a bit of a surprise that they are ready for elections and dreaming of next government formation.

On Dec 9, it became clear that nearly 14 MLAs were not with the ruling BJP and they had shifted allegiance to BS Yeddyurappa. But the Congress galvanised itself only on Saturday to demand ouster of the BJP government. May be the Congress was busy in the Belgaum assembly session but the political development was such serious nature for the out of power Congress that they should have rushed to the governor on the government becoming minority.

In fact, the Congress is not at all prepared for the elections now. The party is full of CM chair aspirants with less foot soldiers. There is no unity in the party and most of the top leaders have their own agenda to power. For the party, in such a unreal world, demand for dissolution of Assembly raises few questions.

The Congress wants to remove the BJP the advantage of being in power during the elections. It wants to govern the state from the shoulders of Governor HR Bharadwaj. The governor has been a Congress minister and is not known to be friend of the BJP. Under President's rule, the governor is the head of the government and the Congress will benefit to a great extent and also neutralize opposition in the form of Janata Dal (Secular) and Yeddyurappa.

The elections can be put off for six months and the Congress can manage few more corruption cases against the BJP leaders and JD(S). The Congress can use the President's rule to destroy the game plan of the opposition. The Congress has no plan or clue to fight the elections now but it wants to see that other parties do not succeed in their game plan.

The BJP is a depleted party after the exit of Yeddyurappa but it is still a party with force in urban areas and can summon grassroots workers to galvanise voters. But the unprepared Congress with no apparent front runner for the post of chief minister may want to prepare the ground for elections with a proxy rule and frustrate the opposition.

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