Effect of my agitation will be seen in next elections:Ramdev

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Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Aug 13: Ramdev added that the effect of his agitation will be seen in the next Lok Sabha polls. He added, "The fight against black money has only begun."

Baba Ramdev is still in the police bus unable to move because of the crowd. Ramdev is being seen requesting the crowd to move away from the buses. Speaking to media channels, he said, "The movement is not over yet. The effect of my agitation will be seen in the next general elections."

The Delhi police are taking calculated steps and are facing logistical hurdles to clear the crowd in spite of the large number of arrests made. There are as many as 4000 to 5000 people on the road leading to the Ranjeet Singh flyover. Another 20 buses are moving towards Bahuna, carrying 300-400 people who have courted arrest.

Ahead of being taken into custody, Ramdev says to the masses gathered there, "We have no intention to spread violence, the police has stopped us right now, we will follow the law. Delhi police is central government's puppet. We do not intend to do anything violent or break the laws."

Ramdev has been taken into preventive custody. He has been detained for violating prohibitory orders imposed by the Delhi police. He is likely to be taken to Bawana. It almost looks impossible for the bus to move in view of the swelling crowds.

Baba Ramdev speaks after his cavalcade has been stopped by the Delhi police. He is being taken out by the Delhi police and is courting arrest. He is continuously reiterating that the supporters remain peaceful. Crowds have swelled in the area and many were seen blowing conch shells, shouting slogans and singing songs as a sign of protest. They are all singing Vande Mataram in unison.

Govt sources have claimed that Baba Ramdev's mask has been removed. 

Baba Ramdev and his supporters have reached the Ranjit Singh flyover, the point to which the Delhi police have granted them permission to carry out the march. With further plans yet to be announced, the supporters are on a sit-in protest near the flyover.

Ramdev had earlier instructed his supporters that they should not voluntarily get into the police buses but should show their protest. Many supporters have already been taken into the police buses with several thousands still on the roads. There are reports that as many as 20,000 people have been stopped in the outskirts of Delhi.

Temporary jails have been set up in the Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Bawana. The Delhi police has been instructed not to use force against the Ramdev supporters. 

Thousands carrying the tricolour are marching towards the Ranjit Singh flyover with Ramdev atop a truck. The Delhi police are already stopping the crowd from moving forward. 

In spite of not having permission to march all the way up to the Parliament street, Ramdev along with his supporters will be permitted to march a small distance and if they attempt to continue will be arrested at the Ranjit flyover.

Ahead of the massive protest march, Ramdev announced to his supporters that there should be no act of violence from their side. Meanwhile, the police are on standby ready with water cannons, barricades and shields.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev will kickoff his protest march to the Parliament in a few minutes. Reports have emerged that he is likely to be arrested near the Ranjeet Singh flyover. There is heavy security deployment in the area. Thousands of Ramdev supporters are moving towards the Parliament street accompanied by the yoga guru courting arrest.

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