China insecure with Agni-V; Was India pressurised by NATO?

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Agni-V test-fired
Beijing, Apr 23: India has already joined the big league with the successful test-firing of the 5000 km range Agni-V missile, but the country's success seems to have become the most disappointing news for the not-so-friendly neighbour China. Chinese media continue its tirade against India with reports which downplay the country's (India's) talent. [UPDATE: India makes China insecure with Agni-V]

This time a report by Chinese daily Global Times claim that India reduced the range of Agni-V from 9,000 kilometres to 5,000 kilometres after being pressurised by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Citing the reactions of Chinese media, it seems that China is feeling insecure with India's Agni-V.

A report, which was published on the web-edition of the daily, says, "The Manmohan Singh government, because of pressure from the NATO member countries, has kept a slow pace with their Integrated Guided Missile Programme (IGMP). The Agni-V is deemed to be in its final stage, whereas in fact the IGMP ought to have progressed to develop a range of 9,000 kilometres."

Talking about India-China relationship, the daily also added, "Although there is an international effort to paint India and China as enemies and to make the two countries go to war with each other, such an effort will fail. The Chinese and Indian people share a long history and culture, and what is needed is more discussion between the two about their economics, education, tourism and culture. We must create so many bridges of friendship that the plans of other countries to make China and India into enemies will fail."

Earlier Chinese media claimed, "(India) is still poor and lags behind in infrastructure construction, but its society is highly supportive of developing nuclear power and the West chooses to overlook India's disregard of nuclear and missile control treaties."

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