Titanic like Italian liner:Bangalore men survive,return home

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Bangalore, Jan 20: Many people gathered and started celebrating at the international airport of Bangalore when two of the survivors of the sinking Italian liner returned home on Friday, Jan 20. 27-year-old Vinod Kumar and 32-year-old Basheer Ifthikar Khan were the two lucky men who believed that it was re-birth for them as they succeeded to ditch death in the Italian luxury cruise ship, Costa Concordia, off the coast of Tuscany.

After reaching home, Vinod described the most horrible day of his life to his family and to the media saying, "We stopped serving dinner as soon as the ship started to shake. We assembled in the designated evacuation assembly point and started guiding the guests towards lifeboats which had capacity of carrying up to 150 people at a time." [Read: Italy: Captain drove luxury cruise ship like a Ferrari]

"Women and children were sent in the first few batches of the boats which sailed away slowly from the sinking ship. The panic was visible on almost everybody’s face and comforting the guests became the biggest task," added Vinod. The description reminds people about Titanic - another luxurious ship which faced similar kind of fate on the very first day of its journey.

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