Jarawa video: Status report to be submitted to Home Ministry

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Jarawa Tribals
New Delhi, Jan 12: The status report over the raging Jarawa video that drew flak from all quarters will be submitted to the Home Ministry by the Andaman administration on Thursday, Jan 12.

The report will throw light on what happened and who was responsible for the video.

The Observer, a British newspaper had earlier released a video which showed human safari of the Jarawa tribals, who were allegedly made to dance naked by the police for tourists.

Reports reveal that the video was filmed in the tribal reserve and a policeman was bribed 200 pounds, after which the tribal women were made to dance in return for food. 

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The government had ordered a probe into the matter and asked for a status report to be submitted within 24 hours after the video hit the headlines.

The Andaman police, however, refuted charges, alleging that the cop featured in the video was a cop in disguise and claimed that the video was old. They blamed a British journalist for allegedly forcing the tribals to dance for the tourists.

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The Observer, however, vowed the authenticity of the video claiming that it was filmed around six months ago.

"Bribing the cops cost Rs 15,000 to the tourists. Six months back, a police officer was disciplined for doing so," said Gethin Chambarlain, journalist, The Observer.

Sources also reveal that the whole operation 'human safari' was being overseen by the police. Such contact with tribals also violate laws that prohibit any close contact with rare tribals and capturing them through pictures.

The Jarawas are believed to be the descendants of early humans to move out of Africa and chose to remain isolated in their habitat in the Andaman Islands.

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