‘India is the most hated nation for Pakistan’

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Lahore, Oct 22: With some bitterness already existing in the India-Pakistan relationship, it looks like there are factors which want to rub salt on the wounds. The banned terror group Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) has stated that it was not happy with the Pak government"s decision to grant the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India.

The controversial comment was made by the head of the Political Affairs section of the JuD, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki. Spilling out his contempt for India, he said that the political and military leadership should not take the issue lightly. Speaking at a lecture at the Hameed Nizami Hall in Lahore, Makki said that India was not the most favoured but the most hated nation for Pakistan.

He added that India has never accepted Pakistan as an independent Islamic republic to this day. He also stated that the MFN status given out by Pakistan will hamper the independence movement in occupied Kashmir. The move could also have serious implications for Pakistan"s national security.

The JuD leader considers the move tantamount to Pakistan conceding before India. Adding fuel to fire, Makki said that India was responsible for the dismemberment of Pakistan, by which it could not be treated as an MFN. Citing this, Makki said that this was enough reason for Pakistan to oppose India"s bid for a permanent seat of the UN Security Council.

Accusing India, the JuD leader said that he checked if the Pak government was consulted before the Prime Minister took such a decision. He added that the PM had no authority to bypass the Parliament and take such a huge decision. He asked if the martyr"s families were consulted before the PM made the decision of granting India the MFN status.

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