Anna wants corrupt MPs, MLAs to be hanged

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Anna Hazare
Ralegan Siddhi, Sep 7: After high profile politician Amar Singh was arrested in the cash for votes scam, Anna Hazare on Sept 6 demanded that all MP, MLAs involved in corrupt practices should be hanged.

"If any candidate takes or gives money in Vidhan Sabha or Parliament for asking questions or voting, such people should be given severe punishment, in fact according to me, they should be hanged," Hazare said, intensifying his offensive against corruption.

The 74-year-old anti corruption crusader also said that there has to be stringent laws to punish the accused who accepted bribe.

"If central government investigates the matter honestly, then it will give the real picture of the decay of values in our political systems," he said, raising a question "who is maligning the image of our parliament and parliamentary democracy?," said Anna outside Padmavati Temple talking about the arrest of Amar Singh.

"Every one involved in the Jan Lokpal movement has a spirit to make India corruption and problem free," Anna said.

Hazare also claimed that on August 16 - the day when he was arrested in Delhi - the central government wanted to take him to Ralegan Siddhi by plane after the court ordered his release from Tihar jail in the evening in a bid to defuse the crisis.

"But God gave an inspiration to stay in Tihar till I got permission for fasting in Delhi for Jan Lokpal," he said.

He also said that he has no links with the RSS party.

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