US plans to "snatch-and-grab" Pakistan's nuclear weapons

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Washington, Aug 6: If media reports are to be believed then the United States has put in place a concrete plan to "snatch-and-grab" Pakistan's nuclear weapons, if and when the President believes that they are a threat to the US or its interest.

The report comes at a time when the bilateral ties between the two countries is at an all-time low.

NBC quoted current and former US officials as saying that plans have been drawn up for handling the worst-case scenarios in Pakistan. They stated that ensuring the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons has for long been a major priority for the US.

According to them, the possible scenarios, when such a drastic measure could be taken are, internal chaos in the south-east Asian country, terror attack on nuclear facility, war with India or a takeover of the government by Islamist extremists.

The report states that the fact that Osama was found living in Pakistan has fuelled concerns about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Many in the corridor of powers in the United States believe that the ISI and the Pakistani government officials were well aware of Laden's stay and thus refuse to give credibility to their support in the war against terrorism.

In the aftermath of the raid that killed Osama, US officials have testified before the Congress about the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and are believed to have said that they were always in the danger of falling in the hands of the terrorists.

An earlier report by the Pentagon had also outlined the various possible scenarios in which the US forces have to intervene to nuclear weapons in the state.

It is believed that Pakistan has as many as 115 nuclear bombs and missile warheads.

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