Syria: Security forces kill 16 protesters on Ramadan Friday

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Amman, Aug 6: In a brazen act, Syrian security forces killed at least 16 of the thousands of protesters demonstrating against the incumbent regime of the country. To make the matter even more atrocious was the fact that it occurred on the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan in the Muslim-majority country.

People in the country are protesting against the rule of President Bashar al Assad, whose family has dominated the political landscape of the country for almost 41 years.

The protest has seen a large scale loss of life, but that has not yet led to a compromise from either parties who are sticking to their own wishes. al Assad, has shown no remorse over the heavy loss of life that the protests is coming up and is still sticking on to his position.

Media reports state that a six-day assault on the central city of Hama to crush the pro-democracy revolts has killed more than 300 protesters.

According to the Syrian Revolution Coordinating Union, the government forces shot down two protesters and injured 2 after the evening prayers on Friday in the Maydan district of Damascus. The forces also shot indiscriminately at people protesting after the evening prayers in the capital's suburbs of Harasta, Douma and Daria.

However, all this crackdown has not dampened the spirit of the protesters, who at the moment appear to be hell bent on forcing al Assad to relinquish power and usher in democracy.

Meanwhile, in Geneva the United Nations has condemned the happenings in Syria and asked its security forces to stop using excessive force against peaceful protesters that has resulted in executions and other crimes punishable under international law. Syria has so far failed to respond to such messages from the United Nations and others.

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