Norway gunman underwent plastic surgery to get Aryan looks?

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Anders Behring Breivik
London, Aug 1: Norwegians are still recovering from the twin blasts that wreaked havoc in the country killing 68 people and bringing the country face to face with terror. The latest input received from intelligence officials states that the perpetrator of the crime, Anders Behring Breivik underwent plastic surgery to make him look more Aryan.

This explains Breivik's blue eyes, blond hair and strong features that are strongly associated with the Aryan race. The head of Norway's intelligence agency PST, Janne Kristiansen claimed that Breivik's look was 'not natural'. The Daily Mail quoted her as saying, "You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway. Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. He must have had a facelift."

This revelation coincides with Breivik's earlier comments a decade ago in his childhood that he wanted to undergo plastic surgery and had even made friends with 'a group of people obsessed with their bodies".

The paper also quoted a friend as saying, "I remember we were at a party, and he told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America."

This piece of information's becomes vital as the Norway killers British connections were being investigated. He had earlier revealed that he had not acted alone and that he had outside support. It was found earlier that UK suppliers provided him equipment to carry out the deadly attacks. He is also believed to have build his weapons and explosives with help from British personnel. He also bought material from eBay for the shooting spree.

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