TDP Chief minces no words; calls PM a "rubber stamp"

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Chandrababu Naidu
Hyderabad, Jul 18: With the Telangana issue in the doldrums and the agitators more or less loosing steam with time, a fresh salvo has come from Telugu Desam Party President N Chandrababu Naidu when he verbally lashed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and called him a "rubber stamp".

Holding the Centre responsible for the the controversial statehood issue that is seeing no respite till now, Naidu has now even mentioned the possibility of mid-term elections in the face of this continuing uncertainty. Speaking at a three-day training program for his party workers at the TDP headquarters, he said, "Chaos is reigning in the state... there is a lot of political uncertainty. Government of India is to be blamed for this."

Naidu alleged that the Centre was trying to put in chaos in the political uncertainty currently prevailing over the statehood issue and also spoke that no exterior motive could work within his party. The TDP Chief said, "The Congress is seeking to amalgamate the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) with it and thereby weaken the TDP. But its nefarious plans will never work. It is baffling why the Centre is unable to take a decision after all the parties have given their views. It is solely responsible for the current turmoil in the state."

Continuing his tirade against the UPA ruled government at the Centre, he strongly stated the possibility of elections and demanded that the state government conduct elections in the rural and urban local bodies. He vented his anger and said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has become a rubber stamp in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.

He added, "The UPA government is not even thinking about eradicating corruption in the country. It is acting only when the Supreme Court is prodding it." Mentioning the UPA's shoddy dealing to wipe out corruption from the system, Naidu stated that the UPA had mentioned in their manifesto on their efforts to bring back black money to the country that has not been done till now. He also said that the PM should be brought under the Lokpal purview.

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