Is Google Plus a "No woman's land?"

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Google Plus - Male/Female ratio
Bangalore, July 14: What's the interesting fact on Facebook? Most of us will admit that it offers better connectivity with our friends irrespective of sex - yes I mean it! Facebook is popular among guys as well as girls. Moreover, when we go through profiles of Facebook users, it's surprising to see most of them are 'Interested In' opposite sex! But, what about Google Plus?

Earlier, we believed that all computer related networkings are only for 'engineers' or techy savvy people. But, this notion was broke down with the advent of Orkut and Twitter. Orkut played a crucial role in popularizing and socializing the social network sites among all genders. Tablets, high-end mobiles and smartphones also played their role in expanding these sites.

With the launch of Facebook, social networking entered into new stage. The simple User Interface, exciting features, amazing games and apps helped Facebook to become the world's largest social network in the world. Also, Facebook made its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire in the world. Read Google+ Tips & Tricks.

The growing popularity and income of Facebook made the search giant Google angry! A market study in 2010 showed that web users were spending more time on Facebook than Google. And what's more, Facebook started to eat Google's pie from display ad market, which is one of biggest source of incom for Google. Read Google Plus Review.

After a series of rumours and speculations, Google announced their brand new social networking site Google Plus (Google+) with more features than Facebook. Google restricted the access to Google+ as it is in field trial stage. But within a week, Google Plus grabbed more than 10 million users and is heading towards 20 million users mark. Know more about Google+.

But when we cross check the male-female ratio in Google+, seems like it's a 'no-woman's land'. According to data from, which tracks the Google+ users, around 86.9 percent of the users are men. Only 11.6 percent users are women and 1.5 percent has given their gender as 'Other'.

This 'shocking' reality may loose your interest to join Google Plus, but remind it's in field trial stage and Google has not yet opened its door to public. Moreover, during the launch Google sent Google+ Invites to tech-editors and bloggers, unfortunately most of them belong to male category!

Google has not yet announced the public launch date of Google Plus. Google engineers said that they are working hard to fix bugs in order to improve the product before it launches publicly. So, don't give up your hopes, just wait a little!

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