Digvijay Singh is in-creditable to speak: A B Bardhan

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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A B Bardhan
New Delhi, Jun 23: Giving the government a point to raise against the Civil Society, the Communist Party of India (CPI) has come down hard at the Lokpal Bill. The party argues that those who expect the Lokpal Bill to rid India of corruption are "living in a fool's paradise".

A B Bardhan, the General Secretary of CPI has said, "I agree with most of the points in the draft on the bill by the civil society. I do think it can form a basis but those who claim that if Lokpal Bill comes into operation, the country will be rid of corruption are living in a fool's paradise."

The veteran leader lauded the civil society for their efforts and added, "I have all the respect for them. They are my friends but I want to ask them if they have touched the source of corruption?"

But then doing a volte-face, he called the claims made by the five-member team as "highly exaggerated" and said, "What does a civil society mean? Who are its members? Can they speak on behalf of the entire country? The five members have an exaggerated notion about themselves. One must be modest."

Bardhan also slammed Congress General Secretary for his verbal tirades against Anna Hazare's team and said, "The people he is speaking about are men of dignity. He is in-creditable to speak. He for sure does not belong to the civil society."

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