US: Indian Counsel General's maid scared after suing him ?

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Prabhu Dayal
New York, Jun 22: The Indian Counsel General who has been accused by his maid Santosh Bhardwaj for forced labour was initially scared to file a suit against him fearing his high profile status, said her lawyer on Tuesday, Jun 21.

"She has been very afraid to do anything given the stature of the defendant in this case. She is doing well and now feels strong enough to bring the suit," said Holly Pfitsch, her lawyer.

Pfitsch also added that Bharadwaj was bit too scared to come forward and talk to the press.

Bhardwaj filed a forced labour suit against Prabhu Dayal for making her work 15 hours a day for only $ 300 a month. He is also charged for forcefully keeping her passport with him and damaging it.

Bharadwaj was promised $10 for every hour she worked and overtime for the cleaning and cooking she did but ended up working for more than 15 hours a day and seven in a week.

Meanwhile Prabhu Dayal, the Indian Counsel General, New York rubbished the allegations against him calling it 'complete nonsense' and 'malicious lies'.

"These are mischievous and malicious lies," he said adding "She wanted to moonlight. But it was against the rules so I did not permit it."                                                                                 

Bharadwaj claims that she managed to sneak out of the Counsel building after Dayal was busy in a meeting and his wife was in her room.

"I filed the complaint because I want to be paid for all the labour I provided and for all the injustice I suffered - and I want my passport returned," she said.

"The Dayals did not treat me fairly," said Bharadwaj.

Adding more, Bharadwaj said that she was forced to leave the house after Dayal said he would give her extra money for giving him a 'massage', interpreting it as sexual advance from his side.

"No question. I never asked for a massage... I deny it outright," said Dayal.

"I don't need a massage... I'm fit," he said rejecting the claims.

He also added that Bhardwaj 'lived in the lap of luxury' and had her own room in the consulate building which had both television and phone.

"She had lots of money in US dollars. How else has she survived for this year-and-a-half?" he asked.

"This fraudster of a woman, seeing dollar signs, has hit on a 'GET RICH QUICK' scheme after a year and a half of illegally staying and working in New York: fraudulent defamation of a highly respected and honoured member of the diplomatic corps in New York," said Ravi Batra, Dayal's lawyer in a statement.

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