Anna fast to go bloody? Hazare ready to take lathi, bullets

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Jun 17: Anna Hazare vowed to resume his fast-unto-death protest from Aug 16, if the government fails to keep its promise to the aam-admi. It seems that more pressure has been built upon the government to table the final draft of the "Lokpal bill" within its deadline, Jun 30. Citing the government's antipathy towards a strong bill, the Gandhian crusader seems ready to leave his path of peace.

Hazare, while reiterating his decision to begin his hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, said, "We will take lathis, we are ready to take bullets as well." Hazare's comment came as a reaction when asked if his second-time fast would receive Baba Ramdev kind reaction from the government.

After the seventh meeting between the UPA government members and the Anna led civil society failed, the verbal war worsened on Jun 16. UPA's decision to submit two Lokpal draft's before the union cabinet compelled Arvind Kejriwal to mock the government.

Kejriwal, the key aide of Anna among civil society members, commented, "The government's version is a jokepal bill," and also chided that government has no intention to stop corruption in the country. He also alleged that government has backtracked from its promises and their move to prepare two drafts of the Bill surprised the Civil Society members.

However, government representatives in the Lokpal panel, home minister P Chidambaram and telecom minister Kapil Sibal vowed to meet their deadline in presenting the Lokpal bill. Sibal and Chidambaram also criticised Kejriwal and Anna's statement.

Hazare's decision to resume fast also has been criticised, when the home minister said that fasting cannot be a way to draft a bill. It seems that the war between two parties will continue. But it will be interesting to see when the so called joint-committee panel will think about the aam admi for whom they had initially started the mission - "Lokpal".

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