Will Rana trial bust ISI's role in 26/11 terror attacks?

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Tawahhur Hussain Rana
Chicago, Jun 7: The evidences against Pakistan seem to be mounting during the trial of 26/11 co-conspirator Tahawwur Hussain Rana in the US. With more and more statements emerging on the ISI's role in perpetrating terror in the sub-continent, the US released the first-ever visuals of the questioning to the public.

The visuals were aired exclusively on CNN-IBN, where the prosecution is seen questioning Rana in a dimly-lit Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) holding cell. The verdict on his trail is expected on Jun 8. Rana was arrested on charges of giving material support to key LeT operative David Headley as well as acting as a cover for a key figure in the Mumbai attacks.

With voices emerging on the ISI's role, especially that of Major Iqbal. The tape let out by US also confirms that Headley was in close connect with ISI and LeT. FBI agent Jeffrey Parsons during his deposition before the US District Court during the 26/11 trial said that Headley used his links to favour Rana. If Rana is convicted, he may face a life sentence.

Headley had testified during previous hearings that the ISI was linked to the 2008 Mumbai terror strikes. Rana's high-profile trial that started on May 16 will continue till June 15. The US District Court Judge Harry D Leinenweber had commented that the case was progressing quickly partly because both the government and defence had no problems with the stipulation.

With a logical end to the 26/11 trial in sight, India is likely to get answers on the deadly Mumbai terror attacks that was initiated and supported from neighbouring soil.

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