Police tried to kill me; will continue fast in Delhi: Ramdev

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Jun 5: During his second press conference at his ashram in Haridwar, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev continued to attack government for its brutal action against him and his supporters. Baba Ramdev said that he will continue the Sathyagraha in Delhi or nearby place.

Baba Ramdev accused police of firing bullets to him. He said that he tried to hide because police were trying to kill him. Baba also said that police officials are lying about 'terror attack' as government didn't inform him about this during his talks with ministers.

He also thanked the opposition parties for extending support to him and his fight against corruption.

Amidst the surging protest over Baba Ramdev's ill-treatment, senior Congress leader and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that government was forced to take action on Yoga Guru as he betrayed the government.

Even though Pranab Mukherjee said Delhi police's action against Baba as "unfortunate," he defended government's stance on Baba Ramdev. Mukerjee said that during the second round talks Ramdev informed government that he will protest only for three days. But, the Yoga Guru betrayed and declared his indefinite hunger strike.

Pranab said that when negotiations were conducted, Ramdev said he will confine protest to 3 days, had he stuck to his promise then these turns of events would not have happened. Anyhow, the Union Minister stated that the issues raised by Ramdev were important and the government will address them.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police rejected Baba Ramdev's accusation of assaulting him. Dharmedra Kumar, Special CP law and order, said that incident occurred when Baba opposed to leave the Ramlila maidan. Police officials said that no lathicharge took place and tear gas shells were fired because bricks were being thrown on policemen. Police also rejected manhandling of woman.

"Ramdev jumped into the crowd and told them to make a cordon in and around him. Ramdev also told the senior citizens to make a cordon around him," Dharmedra Kumar said.

"Everything happened in front of the camera, injury could have happened because of stampede as well. 39 supporters were injured, 23 policemen were injured, 29 discharged. 1 woman by the name of Rajbala had suffered cervical injury because of falling down," he added further.

Police official told the reporters that actions were taken after a secret information about possible attack on Baba Ramdev.

"Ramlila Ground can accommodate 30000 people. We got inputs that more people are being mobilised from neighbouring states. There were more than 50000 people who were accumulating in the Ramlila Maidan. We had specific input that Ramdev and one more person will be targeted," police officials said.

Media reported that Civil Society members may boycott the Lokpanel meet, which is scheduled for Monday, June 6, as a protest against police's action upon Ramdev.

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