ISI playing double game in war against terrorism: Congressman

Posted By: Pti
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Terrorism in Pakistan
Washington, Jun 4: Slamming ISI for its "double game" in the war against terrorism, a top US lawmaker has said that while the Pakistani spy agency was cooperating with America on some high-value targets, it was "protecting" militants active in Kashmir.

"ISI continues to be a troubling issue for the American people and the Congress, in the sense that they always play this double game or they like to play both sides of the fence: while, on one hand, cooperating with us on some high-value targets; and on the other hand, protecting extremists when it''s in their best interests, like for instance in the Kashmir area," Republican Congressman Michael McCaul said.

But "this double game" really came to a head "when we saw the killing of (Osama) bin Laden and we saw where he was living for quite a few years," McCaul, who chaired the Congressional hearing on terror threats from Pakistan, said yesterday.

"It''s very troubling to me, because if you look at...there's a diagram up there about the compound, the location, it''s less than a mile away, which is half the distance between here and the Washington Monument, to what''s the equivalent of Pakistan's West Point Academy," he said. 


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