Most wanted Terrorists list 'mistake', India should move on

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Terrorists in India
New Delhi, May 19: It was one of the embarrassing moments for India at international level when the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram announced the "mistake" of inclusion of terror accused Wazhul Kamar Khan in the list of most wanted fugitives given to Pakistan.

"We take responsibility. It is a mistake. How this mistake has happened has been explained subsequently. CBI through Interpol will notify the arrest of Khan," Chidambaram said on Wednesday, May 18.

Citing the lapses done by the UPA government, the main opposition party BJP started campaign against the ruling government. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj once again began attacking Chidambaram and UPA from her famous weapon - Twitter.

"The inclusion of the name of Wazhul Khan in India's MOST WANTED list submitted to Pakistan is an unpardonable mistake," wrote Swaraj in her Twitter account.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman stated, "Here is a great monumental error which has a serious bearing on the relationship and the dialogue that UPA government wants to hold with Pakistan.What message are we giving to the people regarding the way in which our internal security matters are being handled."

However, India has already removed Wazhul Khan's name from the "most wanted" terrorists list. Khan has been living in Mumbai suburb Thane's Waghle Estate with his mother, wife and children, after he was let off on bail, police sources said. He was also involved in the 2003 Vile-Parle and Ghatkopar blasts beside the 2002 Mumbai Central station blasts.

Citing the recent move by the Indian government to unriddle the "mistake", it seems that this is the time for India to move on. The opposition parties should not pile up accusations on the issue as this is not time to take political advantage, but to clarify the nation's image at international ground.

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