Job opening in Pakistan: Wanted Anna Hazare type crusader

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Terrorism and Pakistan
New Delhi, May 5: A death, which is working as a popularity booster for US President Barack Obama, has brought criticism from all over the world for Pakistan. It seems that Pakistan has been isolated at the international level ever since US killed the most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden right under its nose. Laden was killed in Abbottabad which is only 150 km away from Pakistan's capital Islamabad.

Pakistan is accused of providing help to terror outfits like al-Qaeda and Taliban and many others. Pakistan had so far denied the presence of Laden in the country. But after US' mission to "kill Osama", the real face of the country has been exposed.

Pakistan has received $2 billion as military aid from US to tackle terrorism within its territory. But media reports claim that the money given was diverted to promote terrorism, especially in India. Now, US officials have started debates whether to continue the aid after the terror lynchpin was found almost near the capital city of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been openly supporting Hafiz Sayed, the Jamaat-ul-Dawa chief who is accused of masterminding the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks in 2008. The main Opposition party of India - BJP had called Pakistan - the "epicentre of global terror".

The countries policies endangers the lives of common people who may long for normal life. It is very difficult to digest that the common man in Pakistan wants his country to be 'known for terrorism'.

It seems that the country is now on the dock where only one messiah (problem-solver), someone like the Gandhian crusader Anna Hazare can save Pakistan and its aam admi.

India witnessed a tremendous revolution with Anna Hazare through his "fast-unto-death". Hazare compelled the government to bent down to his demands and act against the corruption entangling the country.

While the entire world is pleading with Pakistan to stop 'exporting terrorism', the only way there could be a mass protest by their own people. This is the prime time for the  Pakistanis to stand up against their Army and ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) to bring normalcy in the country.

This is the time when Pakistan indeed needs a crusader like Anna Hazare to save the nation for its aam admi.

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