Google India celebrates Harry Houdini's B'day with doodle

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Harry Houdini doodle
Bangalore, Mar 24: As we predicted yesterday, the search engine giant Google featured the a new doodle on India's search engine home page to celebrate the 137th birthday of world famous magician, Harry Houdini.

Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, Harry Houdini was born on Mar 24, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary. Later, his family moved to United States, where Harry Houdini started his career as a magician.

Houdini is widely known as 'The Handcuff King,' because of escapes from handcuffs. Houdini could free himself from jails, handcuffs, chains, ropes, and even straitjackets. The Houdini doodle is simple and attractive. This time, Google presented the doodle in JPG format and clicking on the doodle, Google will lead you to the search result for Harry Houdini.

Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. Earlier, Google featured an interactive doodle to celebrate 183rd birthday of French science-fiction novelist Jules Gabriel Verne. Some of the famous Google doodles are John Lenon, Bucky Ball, Women's Day, Alam Aara, Thomas Edison, Paul Cezanne, New Year and many more.

Recently, Google got the patent for its doodle, but after 10 years of lobbying. Now, no other companies can use the doodle trick on its home page.

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