Cancun Agreements no substitute for Bali Road Map: BASIC

Posted By: Pti
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The Ministers also discussed how to approach the KyotoProtocol in its second commitment period for Annex I Parties--the industrialized nations which adopted emission cut targetsfor 2008-12 period under the agreement.

The Ministers agreed that the second commitment periodunder the Kyoto Protocol is critical to achieving the globalgoal of ambitious emissions reduction and global peaking ofemissions.

The effective operationalisation of the mechanisms forproviding financial and technological support to developingcountries was equally critical in enabling them to contributeto global efforts for addressing climate change.

They also stressed that the decision on secondcommitment period under the Kyoto Protocol should be taken atDurban to ensure that there is no gap between the first andthe second commitment periods.

The Ministers observed that issues like equity,intellectual property rights and trade, which are veryimportant for developing countries, were not adequatelyaddressed in the Cancun Agreements and should form part of thefuture work of the parties.

After discussions, the Ministers decided that theexperts of the four BASIC countries will exchange views onrules for accounting for Annex-I countries and also prepare asynthesis document on the issue of equitable access tosustainable development to be considered in the next BASICmeeting.

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