Don''t focus excessively on negatives: PM to media

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New Delhi, Feb 16 (PTI) Facing the heat over a number ofscams involving the government, Prime Minister Manmohan Singhtoday asked the media not to "focus excessively on thenegative features" as an impression was going out that Indiais a "scam-driven" country.

He invited the media to work with the government to"revitalize the spirit of rejuvenation, spirit of selfconfidence."

Interacting with Editors of TV channels, Singh said,"during the last couple of months, the media have drawn thecountry�s attention to some aberrations whether in the form ofallocation of 2G spectrum, the Commonwealth Games and morerecently some developments in the Space organization, Adarshsociety affairs.

"I think media have played a very important role indrawing the country�s attention to these issues whichrequire corrective action."

In this context, he promised to bring to book all thewrong-doers "regardless of the position they may occupy",saying the government was "dead serious" about it.

"However, I would like to say that in projecting theseevents an impression has gone round that we are a scam-drivencountry and that nothing good is happening in our country," hesaid.

"In the process, believingly, I think we are weakeningthe self-confidence of the people of India. I don''t that it isin the interest of anybody in our country," Singh said.

The Prime Minister asked Editors not to "focusexcessively on the negative features" relating to the affairsof the nation even though it was important for the governmentto deal with it and take effective action.

"The Media has, as I said, a very important role to playin a functioning democracy that India is and let us worktogether to revitalize the spirit of rejuvenation, spirit ofself confidence that we have problems, but we also havecredible mechanisms to overcome them. We shall overcome, weshall prevail," the Prime Minister said.

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