Was very much attracted to Marxism: Dalai Lama

Posted By: Pti
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Panaji, Feb 7 (PTI) The Dalai Lama was once "verymuch" attracted to Marxism and even wanted to join the ChineseCommunist Party, which he now feels is bereft of Communistideology.

"I was very much attracted to the internationalism ofMarxism. I wanted to join the Chinese Communist party, (but)today the Chinese Communist Party is without Communistideology," he said in an interaction after delivering alecture in memory of Buddhist scholar D D Kosambi.

The spiritual and temporal leader of TibetanBuddhists, living in exile in India for decades, still doesnot find anything wrong about Marxism as an ideology.

"As far as socio-economic theory is concerned, I am aMarxist," he said terming the present day Communism in Chinaas "Capitalist Communism".

Maintaining that there was a time when ChineseCommunists really worked for the needy, the Dalai Lama said,"The spirit of Marxism died in China, after the ChineseCommunist Party started silencing both criticism and criticsof people in power."

He said although former West Bengal chief ministerJyoti Basu was a Marxist, he enjoyed a "bourgeois" lifestyle.

"Jyoti Basu, I knew him. His own lifestyle was morebourgeois," he said.

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