Nithyananda accuses 'powerful persons' on defame

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Bidadi, Feb 1: Swami Nithyananda has rubbished all the sexual abuse charges against him in a press conference in his ashram on Feb 1. This is the first time he is speaking openly after the controversial video was aired into our living rooms.

He was in his elements and was well-prepared to face the volley of questions that was most likely to come his way. He numbered the various accusations against him and gave the counter-argument.

The video was the obvious subject that took most time in the press conference. On the rape charges levelled against him, he said “How can rape be charged against me, when there is no victim."He claims that the morphed video doing rounds have done him damage and has hurt the sentiments of his one crore devotees.

Nithyananda claimed that the "morphed" video was an organized effort by certain people to defame him. He also added that he had evidence on the people who blackmailed him, but had no knowledge of the powerful people orchestrating such acts against him. He also stated that the blackmail started with the demand of Rs 60 crore.

He also gave out information on how the video grabbed the eyeballs of such a large number of people. He said the video was uploaded on to the internet from 1700 computers at a time to ensure maximum damage. This led to the media picking up the video and transmitting it through various television channels.

He also accused certain forces of religious prosecution and asked the media and others assembled, "How can I shame Hindu tradition, when crores of my devotees are victimised."

He also self-proclaimed that he was the "most watched guru on YouTube" and "most watched guru in UK". To clear his name he was planning a Human Peace Process of 21 day that will see intellectuals and other important people coming out in the open to offer him their support.  He also said, "Intellectuals, including nobel laureates will render their support in a signature campaign to me in blood."

He also revealed the role played by authorities to defame him and said, "CoD was responsible for leaking the video on the internet." He also said that he has never seen a government being so pro-active in doing anything like such. He also claimed that his passport was impounded when his secretary had informed investigation agencies that he would be available for interrogation on intimation.

He also took the opportunity to mock the morale of those investigating the matter when he said, "The police was saying through the media - 'Here is the accused, now we want a victim'. All this while they had arrested me inspite of any evidence against him." He added that no pornographic material was found from his ashram and CoD was able to recover only spiritual material.

He also revealed his humourous side when he said that the Internet had crashed on two occassions prior. One, when Michael Jackson died leading to fans flocking the internet to see a glimpse of the iconic popstar. The next occasion (according to Nithyananda) was when the sex video came out that starred him with someone that left private secrets very public indeed. 

He also advised people on the need for "spiritual awakening" and "spiritual touch" and that his 21 day program will help people find their inner self.

Lets hope Nithyananda will find his 'true calling' before he lands himself in the next controversy.

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