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Bandhavgarh (MP), Jan 28 (PTI) A website based on thetigers of Bandhavgarh National Park in Umaria district notonly identifies the big cats belonging to a particular zone bytheir pet names, but also traces their family tree.

www.landofthewild.com, created by Sachin Rai, awildlife photographer, traces the family tree of tigers,describes their traits and has stories associated with them.

"Wildlife photography is a passion for me," Rai toldPTI, when asked about the website and his hobby.

"I used to visit Bandhavgarh at least three times ayear and spend a fortnight each in the park to capture imagesand gather information about the tigers," he said.

The tigers in the family tree are identified withtheir names like B2, Bokha, Bamera Male, Kallu, Chakradhara,Jhujhura, Chorbehra, Mahaman, Banbehi and Mirchaini.

"Best part of the website is that the moment you clickon B2, Mahaman or any other tiger, you get to see the actualbig cat in the wild," the awarding-winning lensman said.

Referring to B2, the website says, "a legend on hisown, this tiger is probably the most photographed wild tigerin the world. Ruling more than half the tourism area foralmost eight years now, he has fathered lots of cubs who havebeen instrumental in shaping the future of Bandhavgarh."

"B2 has fathered Jhujura, one of the most bold andsuccessful mothers. She had raised two healthy litters and wastaking care of her third one which consisted of three cubs(six-month-old). She was run over by a Forest Departmentvehicle on May 19, 2010," it claimed. (more) PTI MAS RSY

The State CID is probing the incident. Bokha has been described as an old competitor of B2in the website..."this shy male has been ruling areas such asSukhipathia, Rajbehra and Sehra. His constant conflict with B2has resulted in numerous territorial fights. As a result helosses some and gains some space each time this event occurs."

Referring to Bamera Male, it said, "also known as theNew Tala (range) Male, he is truly a royal tiger. Bamera Maleis bold, huge and handsome. He is one of the most promisingmale tigers in Bandhavgarh," which is famous for its thicktiger density.

Chorbehra has been described as a beautiful tigress,which is also known as Sidbaba. She has been struggling withan injured hind limb since almost two-and-a-half years andsome forest guides therefore refer to her as "langdi".

The website is full of such details about a number ofother big cats and wild creatures wandering in the sprawlingforest, Rai said.

Corbett Foundation''s Senior Programme Officer(Wilderness), Siddharth Edake, who is based in Bandhavgarh,said local guides and forest officials identify tigers withtheir names and narrate stories about them.

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