Shame of 'honour' forces parents to kill Pak girl

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Islamabad, Jan 24: How barbaric can a family become to protect their so called 'honour'? For these relatives of Saima Bibi, a 17-year old Pakistani girl, life has been rendered as yet another useless commodity to be sacrificed at the altar of family honour. Oh God ! How can people be so insane, as to electrocute their own girl in cold blood.

According to reports, the girl fell in love with a man that her family didn't approve of. And what did they do? They met the Panchayat and decided that she should cease to exist and how? Just electrocute her. Is love that heinous a crime, probably it is for people in rural parts of North India and Pakistan.

The Pakistani government is said to have taken serious notice of the episode and has ordered the police to investigate the matter and submit report at the earliest.

The girl is alleged to have eloped with a neighbourhood man before being persuaded by her kith and kin to return back so that they can marry them off. Unaware of their real intentions she came back, only to be denied which eventually ended her being electrocuted to save the family's honour.

Police have detained the parents of the girl and some other accomplices who were trying to bury her body by passing it off as a suicide case.

It is said to be a common practice in Pakistan's hinterlands where pre-marital love, pre-marital sex and sex outside marriage is considered a taboo or an offence so severe that the girl involved has to compensate with her life being ended in the most unimaginable brutal ways.

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