Young fish take cues from noisy neighbors before settling down

Posted By: Manoj Kumar Ramesh
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Wellington, Jan 10 (ANI): An international team of marine biologists has discovered that young fish looking for a reef to make a home take help from noisy neighbours.

Researchers from Auckland University and Bristol University in England found juvenile fish listen to the sounds made by other underwater creatures, such as other fish, shrimps and lobsters, before choosing a reef and settling down, reports the New Zealand Herald.

The team played recordings from different types of habitats next to artificial reefs and discovered fish used acoustic cues to distinguish between different communities, said lead author, Craig Radford of the Auckland University.

"This biological symphony varies depending on which animals make up the local community and, as a result, signature sounds give a strong indication of the type of habitat," said Radford.

Researchers used underwater microphones to detect the noise produced by sea creatures-a combination of "clicks, pops, chirps and scrapes", he said. (ANI)

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