Manmohan Singh dedicates Tarapur reprocessing plant to nation

Posted By: Anita Nair
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Tarapur (Maharashtra), Jan.7 (ANI): The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Friday dedicated a 100-tonne annual capacity reprocessing plant at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC) here to the nation.

The plant will use spent fuel from indigenous nuclear power plants for fast breeder reactors.

Congratulating engineers and scientists for constructing the sophisticated complex in the coastal region, Dr. Singh described the reprocessing plant as essential for the country's closed-fuel-cycle three-stage nuclear programme.

"The spent fuel reprocessing plant is a milestone in India's three-stage nuclear programme," he said, adding that it would help in the transition from the first stage to the second (of the programme) for building fast breeder reactors to produce sustainable and clean energy for the country.

"Tarapur itself will set an example of clean, economic and safe energy that our nation requires," he said.

The reprocessing plant was also essential for subsequent thorium utilisation, he said, adding that the capabilities of the engineers and scientists could be utilised in new opportunities in international cooperation in nuclear energy. (ANI)

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