Eating 'nutritious' bugs may ease world's food crisis: Dutch scientist

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Dec 24 (ANI): How about having bugs on your dinner plate? Well, it may sound disgusting but the world's food crisis could be eased if Westerners included insects in their diet to make up some of their protein needs, suggests a Dutch scientist.

Arnold Van Huis, of the Wageningen University, said bugs are nutritious and full of goodness and if people in the West could override their culturally indoctrinated sense of disgust, the environment would benefit.

He believes a population explosion and rising living standards have caused a 'meat crisis'.

"Twenty years ago people ate just 20kg of meat, now it is 50kg. In 20 years from now it will be even more and we will soon run out of planet," Sky News quoted Huis as saying. (ANI)

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