Clandestine arms sales thrive in West Bengal district

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Birbhum (West Bengal), Dec.12 (ANI): The clandestine manufacturing and sale of arms and ammunition is thriving in West Bengal's Birbhum District.

A criminal gang leader said the gang catered to the needs of political parties, which patronised them and paid huge sums of money for these weapons.

He admitted that the gang also manually made crude bombs and packed them at their secret hideouts.

There are around four such clandestine operators, each consisting of 20 armed persons, he revealed, adding that they hail from Jharkhand and Bihar.

"We have machine guns, carbines, pistol, bullets, rifle and various other arms," a gang leader said.

"We bring these from Bihar, Murshidabad. We have links with everyone," he added.

The gang is paid about Rupees 400000 to execute the order of a political party.

Gang members said political parties hired them to exert their influence in various villages of the district. By Rik Sundar (ANI)

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