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Domain names create the first impression about your website in the internet world. With the advent of the dot com industry there are

millions of website which has come up and the mantra to get the first click is to make the best first impression. It should appeal to the

viewer. The first appeal is created by a good domain name. Here are 6 characteristic of good domain names -

1. Short Name – The shorter the name the better. The name of the domain should be short and straight to the point. It should be attractive, different and an understandable term. There are no guidelines for the number of characters which a name should have but it is best if the name is below 10 characters. For Example –

2. Catchy And Easy To Remember – The best combination is that it should be catchy and easy to remember. These two qualities will help you get return traffic and get you bookmarked by a reader. Names which are different at the same time easy, leave an impression on the readers mind, which he usually does not tend to forget. Such innovative names can now be bought from

3. Easy Spelling – Your domain name may be very attractive but if it has a tough spelling it makes it difficult for the user to search for your domain. When the user is searching for your domain, he types in a wrong spelling, does not find your domain and decides not to search. You end up loosing a user. Thus, easy spellings is one of the major requirements for names.

4. Have a .com Or Regional Extension - It is best to have a .com or a country specific domain like .in. Viewers are comfortable with the country specific domain and feel more connected. is the best place to buy either a .com or .in domain extensions.

5. Descriptive Name – Most of the viewers land on sites through search engines. Search engines select your site according to the search word provided by the user. If the name is descriptive of what your site deals with, it will help it appear on the search engine and also help the user remember it. For example a doctor would always want to bookmark the best health site. Thus, if your name is, it will appeal him to bookmark your site.

6. Avoid Use Of Special Characters – Avoid the use of hyphens, numerical etc. This will make the name difficult for the user to remember. For example, if the name is, user will never remember the hyphen and while searching for your domain will type He will not land on your page and thus you loose a viewer. While selecting a domain name keep these characteristics in mind. This will allow you to appear on search engines, be popular among readers and thus, get good pageviews.

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