US supports India for UNSC seat: Obama

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Barack Obama
New Delhi, Nov 8: During the third day of his maiden visit to India, US President Barack Obama addressed the joint session of Indian Parliament. During his historical speech, Obama told that US will support India for United Nations Security Council Seat.

"US welcomes India as it prepares to take its seat at the UN Security Council," US President said.

During the speech, Obama also stated that US will ask Pakistan leadership to bring to justice the terrorists behind the 2008 Mumbai attack.

US President Barack Obama asserted that Pakistan must bring to justice the terrorists behind the 2008 Mumbai attack.

"We will continue to insist to Pakistan's leaders that terrorist safe havens within their borders are unacceptable, and that the terrorists behind the Mumbai attacks be brought to justice," Obama added.

Obama concluded his speech by saying "Jai Hind". After his speech, Lok Sabha speaker Miera Kumar delivered vote of thanks.

Obama's speech in Parliament:

Obama: India and US can promote shared responsibility, preserve peace and strengthen democratic governance

Obama: US recognises every nation's right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy but they also have international obligations. This applies to Iran also

Obama: Indo-US relation is not a relationship between presidents and prime ministers, it is between our peoples.

06:24 PM

Obama: US believes in Indians irrespective of place and other barriers

Obama: US will be with India shoulder to shoulder

Obama: Increased responsibility of nations especially those wanting to lead 21st century implies preserving peace and security globally, advancing human rights

Obama: India's RTI is empowering citizens to get the services they are entitled and hold officials accountable.

06:17 PM

Obama: Kashmir issue can be only solved by India and Pakistan

Obama: US also need a a United Nations that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate

Obama: I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member

Obama: US will insist on Pakistan government to to bring Mumbai attackers to justice

Obama: America's commitment to the Afghan people will continue we will not abandon the Afghan people.

06:12 PM

Obama: Together India-US can resist protectionism that stifles growth

Obama: India and US can together create hi-tech and high-wage jobs

Obama: We will increase exchanges with our students, colleges and universities that are the best in the world.

Obama: We are going to share India's expertise with farmers in Africa.

Obama: We will work to spark a more sustainable green revolution.

Obama: Together we can strengthen agricultural economy.

Obama: We can resist protectionism. We will remain one of the open economies in the world.

06:07 PM

Obama: We will begin implementing the civil nuclear agreement. We need to forge high tech restrictions in defence and space. Indian firms seeking high technologies will be treated the same as our closest allies.

Obama: US welcomes India as it prepares for UN Security Council seat

Obama: We have made the G20 the premier forum for economic cooperation bringing more voices to the table including India.

Obama: India and USA are indispensable to meet the challenges of our time.

06:00 PM

Obama: Often India and US found themselves on opposite sides but those days are over. Deeper partnership with America is both natural and necessary.

Obama: relationship between India and US is unique. We share common ideologies in faith and economy

Obama: Swami Viveknanda said holiness is not the exclusive preserve of any church in the world. You built the institutions on which true democracy depends, free and fair elections, independent judiciary and rule of law, thriving free press and vibrant civil society which allows every voice to be heard. India has succeeded because of democracy.

Obama: You have shown that the strength of India, idea of India is its embrace of all colours, all castes all creeds.

Obama: Despite the sceptics who said India was too diverse to succeed you beat the odds. You invested in science and technology and in your people and the world sees the results from the supercomputers to the Moon.

Obama: I might not be standing infront of you as President of the US had it not been for Mahatma Gandhi and his message that inspired Americans

05:55 PM

Obama: Indian civilisation shaping world for thousands of years. Our information age is rooted in Indian innovations inlcuding the number zero.

Obama: Greetings from America including those of three million Indian-Americans.

Obama: At every stop we've been welcomed with the hospitality India is known for. My deepest thanks, "bahut dhanvayad"

05:45 PM

Obama: Me and Michelle enjoyed the hospitality in India

Obama: I thank you for the welcome and honour

05:42 PM

Earlier, Speaker Miera Kumar and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh welcomed US President, Obama to the Parliament. Obama signed the Parliament's new guest book, the first guest to do so, before addressing MPs from the two houses.

Vice President of India Hamid Ansari delivered the opening address at the joint session of the Parliament.

05:40 PM

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