Shiny objects hovering over Chelsea spark UFO speculation

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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New York, Oct 14 (ANI): Chelsea got its round of its excitement after a dozen shiny objects were seen hovering in the skies, sparking speculations of UFOs on the West Side.

The NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration began receiving calls from people reporting strange, silver objects flying high in the sky over Manhattan on October 13.

"Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it," the New York Post quoted FAA spokesman Jim Peters as saying.

"Every once in a while you get phone calls from people who see something they can't explain," he stated.

Many took to their Twitter account to report the unusual sightings, and some even said that they had seen people "vaporized" by the unidentified flying objects.

The police said they received two 911 calls about the incident but did not investigate, and they could not confirm any reports of people being vaporized.

Peters said that if the objects were weather balloons, his agency had no prior notification.

"A weather balloon may not show up on radar. It depends on size and what it's made of. We did a radar scan of area and it did not show up," Peters added.

According to "Challenges of Change", a book on extraterrestrials written by Retired NORAD Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham, on October 13 there was supposed to be "a massive UFO display over the world's principal cities". (ANI)

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